JD Duarte


JD Duarte explains the benefits of implementing an eCommerce store

Consumption habits are no longer the same as before. Online shopping has made consumers’ lives easier. For this reason, many current merchants have turned to the web, or failing that, have created in parallel an online store for their business. JD Duarte, an entrepreneur and eCommerce expert from Costa Rica, explains why putting a business online makes sense.

eCommerce consists of the use of strategies for the purchase and sale of products and services through different electronic means. Its growth in recent years has allowed companies to capture different types of customers and makes data processing easier. Likewise, it has other benefits for the evolution of your business.

States Duarte, “In physical stores, customers can evaluate in advance the item they are going to buy. However, on the Internet, you need to show in a creative and accessible way all the relevant information about your products and services to attract the consumer since they have no way to know the quality of the product.”

eCommerce sites focus on promptly serving the needs of customers, so they will feel safe when buying and will be satisfied with the service. They are also more likely to recommend your website or sales platform to friends and family.

If you started a venture or have a small business, eCommerce will be your best ally because its costs are lower than acquiring conventional advertising. For an affordable price, a virtual store gives you the possibility to show your products and sell them, without the need to have a physical store. Over time you save money because you reduce resources such as infrastructure, payment for services and fewer employees, among others.

In addition to selling, digital platforms are designed to be simple, so anyone will be able to complete the purchase process. Different means of payment are used that offer the customer freedom to decide and ease when buying.

You will invest less and achieve better results compared to traditional advertising media. Since, with online advertising, especially on Google and Facebook, you can segment your audience by age, interests, sentimental situation, educational level, geographical location, language and gender. This means that you will only invest to reach people who have a high chance of becoming your customers.

On the web, you can get your potential customers to know your e-commerce through publications on your social networks, blogs and web pages focused on the branding of your eCommerce platform. While to increase your sales, you must focus on making conversion publications, some ways to convert your audience into your customers is through contests and discounts.

If you start an eCommerce site, your company will be able to interact with its customers at any time. This will help you to know how your customer is, so you can offer them a better shopping experience and return to your site.

To achieve this, you must use tools such as Google Analytics, which will allow you to measure the traffic of your web pages, and the conversions you are getting and know which are the keywords that your target audience uses the most to search for your business on the Internet.

Likewise, these platforms are secure because they protect the user’s information and their means of payment. For you, a database is created, impenetrable and automatic, which collects a detailed record of the purchase process of each user to help you validate the information in the event of payment inconveniences and returns, among others.

By publishing the store electronically, you can expand your customer base. Users can access the store from anywhere in the world, 365 days a year. “You can create different strategies to encourage the purchase and serve your community,” explains Duarte. “This will help you build a reputation, bringing you notoriety and new product creation opportunities.”