JD Duarte


JD Duarte presents the traits all successful bosses must have

Today’s market demands a new type of successful manager to run companies. A manager who has much more than an endless list of titles and work experiences. It requires instead managers who are capable of being innovative and passionate. JD Duarte, a successful entrepreneur and long-time business owner from Costa Rica, explains the top traits all successful bosses must possess.

It’s important to have the ability to adapt easily to new unknown situations and the environment. Modern managers are flexible in their procedures, open-minded, they are prepared to assume the risks and changes of day to day of their companies. Finally, these new managers do not let themselves be overcome by these changes.

Adaptability is the ability to adapt to changes and to modify individual behavior to achieve common goals arising from difficulties. It is commonly associated with the ease of adapting to different contexts, situations, people, policies and norms.

Good bosses are those for whom, in addition to attitude, their knowledge matters. They care about being integral in their profile, which allows them a better quality of their experience and, therefore, better results in their business management.

These are people for whom a day without learning something new is a lost day. No matter how high they are on the hierarchical scale of their workplaces, they are dedicated to constantly learning, they know their employees, their roles and everything about the integral functioning of their organization.

Managerial positions always demand much more than other roles a great mastery of our emotions. New managers must be able to stay calm in situations of uncertainty, as well as be able to successfully make rational decisions even when the situation slips out of their hands. Explains Duarte, “Good bosses are able to stay calm even in the middle of a storm and regularly set the tone for the rest of the members of their team to learn from their example in this of the proper management of their emotions.”

Executive intelligence is another necessary trait. This is the efficient management of time and that creative capacity of modern managers to always be oriented to action and the choice of goals that favor the organization at all times.

A modern manager goes beyond the classic models of management of an organization. They go beyond their desks to take part and direct action in everything that happens to them, always seeking the achievement of their goals.

The modern manager must keep in mind that the human component is and will always be one of the fundamental pillars of the organization. As such, they must be able to deal with people, identify with them, know their needs and be able to motivate them at all times.

Organizations today are looking for people who, beyond leading and fulfilling a managerial role, are able to identify with all the members of their team, know them and guide them professionally. Nothing better for the achievement of goals in an organization than a leader capable of motivating them to achieve them.

“Managing a company implies a daily agenda of interaction with suppliers, internal and external customers, business allies, competitors and partners,” adds Duarte. “This is where the new manager must become a skilled negotiator to be able to develop relationships that always aim at the growth of the company. Their negotiation skills lead them to identify the optimal way to interact with the people and roles they engage with.”

In order to become a good leader, the modern manager must know where the company is and where it is going. In this sense, it must be directed towards the achievement of the objectives that allow the organization to reach that goal.

Beyond a boss, the leader must be a flexible, open, participatory person with capabilities that allow him to take full advantage of the potential of all those who are part of the organization.

Keeping the team motivated should be one of the main rules on which the current manager is guided. He must be inspiring, charismatic and able to integrate everyone who works with him. Only in this way will he be able to achieve great results in his management.

Within the company, the members of a team must feel motivated personally and professionally. They must feel comfortable with their positions, their earnings and their professional growth inside and outside the organization. And in this way to be able to perform successfully and work together for the achievement of individual goals, of your team and finally of the company.

The times when managers took care of everything to make things go well are long gone. Now companies need managers who are delegated and hire people more skilled and intelligent than them for each role that the company requires. Delegating tasks and automating processes within the company will ensure the manager saves time and money, as well as the successful achievement of his role.