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Jose Daniel Duarte Camacho to attend event on E-Invoicing at the Universidad Latina

Jose Daniel Duarte Camacho to attend Nov. 6 event at Universidad Latina to prepare for the obligatory use of electronic invoices starting January 15, 2018. The conference will be curated by leading business adviser, Grant Thornton.

Costa Rica continues to modernize its workforce and undertake initiatives designed to make the country more efficient. In it’s latest endeavor, the Central American country is implementing legislation to force businesses to move to electronic billing as of January 15, 2018. In an effort to make the transition go smoothly, Universidad Latina will hold a symposium on November 6 to assist business owners and entrepreneurs educate themselves on the new regulations and how to properly implement procedures to adhere to the requirements. The event will be curated by the head of Costa Rica’s leading business advisor and accounting company, Grant Thornton, and kicks off at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium of Building C of Universidad Latina’s San Pedro campus.

In attendance will be Jose Daniel Duarte Camacho, a leading businessman and entrepreneur from Heredia, Costa Rica. Jose has already voluntarily started using electronic billing and will be able to extend his knowledge and experiences to event attendees. His extensive commercial background and experience have helped him to overcome some of the difficulties faced by newer operators who are unfamiliar with the billing requirements in the country. “This is another step toward bringing Costa Rica into the true global business world, and shows that we are on the cutting edge of providing efficient business practices that will hopefully attract more multinational corporations,” explains Jose.

Jose kicked off his business career over 20 years ago with the launch of his first business in Heredia, Costa Rica. The business, DecoCar, sparked Jose’s entrepreneurial spirit and is still thriving today. Because it is able to support itself, Jose has been able to concentrate on other projects while managing an oversight role in the company. He constantly is seeking new projects and is currently involved in a software development company that is still in its initial phase of creation. He is working closely with several software engineers to launch a platform that, although is still under wraps, is described as a truly unique undertaking that will shake the foundation of several software applications on the market today. “I’m a workaholic,” says Jose. “If I’m not putting in at least 18 hours every day, I’m not happy. The software company is taking a good portion of my time, but the dedication will absolutely pay off once we take our product to market.”

Apart from his other responsibilities and aspirations, Jose is also a partner and Commercial Director of DLB Group Worldwide. The marketing company is an internationally-recognized firm with offices in Venezuela, Mexico and Costa Rica. Jose was recruited by DLB founder, , to head operations in Costa Rica. Jose has been responsible for inking deals with companies like DirectTV, Audi, Subway and DHL.

The legislation requires business owners to employ an electronic billing system that covers electronic tickets, credit notes and also debit notes as backup for revenue and expenses. The rollout for switching will take place in phases depending on the nature of the business. Adoption by the health sector will begin on January 15 and covers all health and social services, hospitals and clinics, dentists, pharmacies and all other human health-related activities. The financial sector will follow with mandatory implementation as of February 1 and the legal sector as of March 1. Engineering, architectural and computer science companies will transition beginning on April 2, and all other sectors are obligated to make the move starting May 1.