JD Duarte


Jose Duarte discusses how artificial intelligence is shaping eCommerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help manage jobs for a company that are otherwise monotonous or mundane. It has become a bold component of a great number of businesses in virtually every industry and the technology, although artificial, has advanced to the point that it now even offers a personal touch, especially in eCommerce. Jose Duarte, a successful Costa Rican businessman and entrepreneur, describes how AI is helping to shape eCommerce.

Most notably, AI is being used in eCommerce chatbots. Here, they have shown to be a valuable tool that is capable of communicating with consumers in a personalized fashion. AI chatbots are found more and more on eCommerce websites and help consumers make selections, check product availability, make comparisons and assist with the payment process. They can also help consumers connect with the proper service area in the event that additional support is needed, or questions need to be answered. Duarte explains, “Chatbots can now interact via voice, text and, in some cases, pictures. They are proving to be invaluable, as they free up company resources and are able to respond much quicker and more accurately than human representatives.”

Predictive analysis of data, statistical programming based on historical data and deep learning are giving AI algorithms a whole new life. Companies use these tools to capture their customers’ shopping and browsing habits, and predictive sales is driving an entirely new era of sales expansion. It can also help determine the best way to organize and manage inventories, always ensuring that the stock is kept at its maximum beneficial levels, based on purchasing patterns and demand.

AI has the capability to make recommendations to consumers in future shopping experiences. Duarte points out, “AI is able to follow previous shopping patterns and, when a customer returns to the site, make recommendations based on those previous purchases, or even on product searches that didn’t result in a purchase. This information is also used to send personalized email recommendations to customers and to maintain the shopper’s dashboard on subsequent visits for easy product identification.”

Any shopping experience is instantly frustrated when it’s learned that a product isn’t in stock. eCommerce platforms have to ensure that their inventories are always kept up to date and warehousing tasks are benefitting greatly from AI. More than just being able to track inventories, AI is also being used by major retailers to help sort, package and categorize orders. In doing so, the process is made more efficient and packages are able to be shipped quicker, leading to better customer service.

While there are just a couple of manners by which AI has shaped web-based business today, the versatility and effect of AI in internet business are expected to continue to grow. The expansion will permit recognizable proof of outstanding interaction and will create better customer relations. These two characteristics, when maximized, are guaranteed to boost sales and increase the company’s bottom line. As AI advances, it is no longer just a robot, but is able to interact as if it were a live representative and provide the personalization most consumers want.