JD Duarte


Jose Duarte discusses how eCommerce technology will change in 10 years

It’s awe-inspiring to see the continually advancing eCommerce world push ahead. The space has now turned into a haven for consumers and products that never would have been seen online just a short few years ago – such as groceries, taxis and medical equipment – are right at a shopper’s fingertips. Jose Duarte, a long-time entrepreneur and businessman from Costa Rica, understands how the industry continues to evolve and grow and provides some of the changes to be seen over the next ten years will revolutionize completely the shopping experience.

Prepare for computerized shipping vehicles that are able to transport packages of almost any size without human intervention. Specifically, drones are among the more conspicuous shipping vehicles seen today. Nowhere is this as obvious as with Amazon, which is already building its own drone delivery fleet. These vehicles will be able to deliver items to the home or office within only a couple of hours after an order is placed.

There is the potential for self-driving vehicles that can operate as delivery systems, as well. Explains Duarte, “A self-driving auto can let you know when it arrives at your property so you are ready to receive the shipment. The technology is still in development and a lot of work still needs to be done, but tests have already been conducted that have had fascinating results.”

Virtual reality (VR) is going to be a major part of eCommerce. VR devices can allow consumers to get a better look at products that they’re considering purchasing and they can also allow shoppers to explore the products from a number of angles. Viewing goods through a VR headset is more realistic than looking at a 2-D image on a website that doesn’t give a real-world view of the product.

Having to drive from one location to another looking for a product will become history. “The eCommerce experience allows you to have something delivered to you directly, but there’s so much more,” says Duarte. “You can also learn where a product is located locally, purchase it online and pick it up in the store if time is short and you need the product quickly.”

Interactive mobile apps are being introduced that give shoppers an even deeper shopping experience. For example, apps are being developed that interact with smartphone cameras in order to create a simulated experience, whether it be trying on a coat or makeup, to see how the end result looks.

Nowhere has eCommerce benefited as much as with automated customer service. While numerous organizations nowadays employ customer service departments, these departments are going to become automated in the future. Asserts Duarte, “Machines will be able to identify correctly certain keywords and then respond based on the combination of the words. The technology is still young, but it is growing rapidly. An integration of artificial intelligence makes the experience virtually foolproof.”

Cryptocurrency continues to grow in acceptance around the world. This is going to have a huge impact on the shopping experience and more digital currency payment options are being created almost on a daily basis. “Cryptocurrency can provide for direct payments from the consumer to the merchant, eliminating the need for costly credit card processors and, ultimately, allowing for better price competition,” says Duarte.

The innovation going into eCommerce is astonishing and there doesn’t seem to be any limitation on what is possible. Technology continues to evolve at a tremendous pace and it’s going to be fascinating to see where the next decade takes us.