JD Duarte


Jose Duarte offers some of the trends coming to eCommerce in 2022

The development and innovation that the current pandemic has allowed have brought with it changes within the primary routine of the way of behavior of societies and consumers. Something that has marked the forced social distancing was the way in which people now consume goods and products daily. However, during previous years, there were large increases in the use of digital media and platforms to make daily purchases. This method is expected to continue in use and growth. Ecommerce expert Jose Duarte explains some of the commerce trends that will take place next year.

It is not news to know that the trend of using this method will continue to increase, although in most countries you can already make purchases through the traditional method. In physical form, online purchases suggest a series of advantages that consumers take advantage of, so this method will have a constant growth. “Approximately 92,901 million people are on the Internet, which suggests a wide untapped market of potential consumers,” asserts Duarte.

If the way in which you buy has changed, it was logical that so would the way in which finances are handled. Technology through the use of digital devices allows users to perform all kinds of actions from a smartphone.

This suggests great savings in procedures, time and papers, so currently, the use of NeoBanks, which do not have physical support, has become popular. They are bolstered by the fact that most of the requirements for the opening of accounts are pampered and do not require time in cumbersome procedures, nor the displacement to physical places.

The use of social networks is currently going beyond just an immediate and digital communication tool. Today, these platforms allow all kinds of content consumption and only being able to use them to talk and interact. Explains Duarte, “Now, social media is used as a means of dissemination and advertising of goods and services. This is true not only in the formal commercial sector, but its great potential is found in entrepreneurs and small merchants. They find a greater advantage when using social media apps to make themselves known, interact and sell to potential consumers.”

Sustainable consumption and trade are here. In general, one of the issues on which companies and merchants have been most focused is to manage themselves in a sustainable way as best as possible. Consumers demand more and more regularly that they are provided with more sustainable options to maintain consumption.

They want to be informed and that helps the improvement of the planet and society. That is why it is no longer enough to only look at the product fulfilling that function. The consumer is now susceptible to what the brand does within this environment, as well as the channels and methods used for the sale and manufacture of the products.

The number of purchases made through mobile devices may exceed 70%of the total volume of online transactions by the end of 2021. Five years ago, the participation barely exceeded 50%. This is not the limit. As soon as Gen Z representatives become full customers, participation will increase significantly.

It is worth preparing for this now. It is not enough to simply adapt the website of an online store for mobile devices; this trend became obsolete several years ago. Get the so-called seamless shopping experience. On the way home from work, for example, customers select products via smartphones. Then they return home, open their laptops and order the selected products with just a couple of clicks, without unnecessary searches.

The eCommerce trends of 2022 are linked to a better user experience and increased brand loyalty. Today’s businesses need to implement end-to-end solutions to take full advantage of online sales growth.