JD Duarte


Jose Duarte offers suggestions to entrepreneurs getting started in 2021

Before starting a new project, there are some very important recommendations; it is about what you should know before undertaking by 2021, which are vital aspects for your entrepreneurship. They need to answer the questions, what are the best market niches and where you can make the most of the current economic situation. Things have become more difficult because of COVID-19, but it is still possible to become a successful entrepreneur this year and take a new business well into the future. Jose Duarte, a lifelong entrepreneur from Costa Rica, provides tips that will help any entrepreneur get started on the right foot and find great success for years to come.

Today the world has undergone significant changes that have had a major impact on the global economy, giving way to new entrepreneurship strategies. Therefore, many people have decided to start their own business taking advantage of the various situations and needs that have been presented today. Due to the current economic situation, new trends have developed, which are helpful. From these trends are born ideas to carry out your own entrepreneurship.

Aesthetics and personal presentation are going to be among the top targets for the year. Asserts Duarte, “Based on statistics from recent years the cosmetics business has had considerable growth in sales becoming a good undertaking.”

Fitness exercises and healthy living are also worth exploring as an entrepreneur, as 2020 has led to more people focusing on their wellbeing. The interest in a healthy and full life has increased in people, so many entrepreneurs are heading down this path.

Commerce is always a top segment and will be again this year. Explains Duarte, “As has been the trend in 2019 and 2020, by 2021 it will be no exception, due to the increase in the automation of electronic processes; represents a good business opportunity for your entrepreneurship, especially through virtual sales.”

Because it is a business that can be done from the comfort of your home, avoiding expenses of premises or staff; virtual stores offer many advantages to initially start your business.

Attention to the environment is a topic that has been increasing in popularity for years, but which now seems to be gaining a great deal of traction. “Issues such as global warming have increased people’s interest in obtaining environmentally friendly and sustainable products that counter pollution in the world,” states Duarte. “At that point, an undertaking can be started by satisfying this need.”

An increase in older adult-care solutions is needed. South America is the region where its inhabitants are growing faster, according to consulting firm Americas Market Intelligence. This gives you the opportunity to start a profitable business that takes care of seniors and meets your needs.

Before getting started with any new endeavor, there are several things you need to know before you become an entrepreneur. It is mostly difficult to start an enterprise, especially if it starts individually, due to the number of doubts and questions that arise during the process. To be in doubt, it is advisable to know if you have several innate aspects to be a true entrepreneur. You have to have the qualities to run a business, enough time to dedicate to your business and you need to know well the sector where you will install your business. Additionally, it is fundamental that you understand your competence, have financial security (or know how to obtain it). know what human and technical resources will be needed and know what to do if you fail.

Getting started as an entrepreneur is a challenge anytime. However, the post-COVID-19 environment is going to make it more difficult. Still, by concentrating your efforts on the correct areas, it isn’t impossible to find success.