JD Duarte


Jose Duarte on how to increase sales in an eCommerce store

B2C web-based business is exploding. The normal consumer currently spends over $2,300 every year on Internet-based purchases and this number is going to continue to climb. Businesses that neglect to adjust to the quickly developing eCommerce retail scene could quickly find themselves obsolete. To attract customers – and retain those that are already using the platform – it’s vital to implement a comprehensive strategy and keep up with how the space is evolving. Jose Duarte, an expert businessman and entrepreneur from Costa Rica, discusses some ways to keep an eCommerce business thriving.

Offering a mobile solution is no longer just an option, but a requirement. Over 50% of all eCommerce purchases come through mobile platforms and this will most likely reach over 70% by the end of the year. It’s likewise worth putting resources into progressively powerful mobile options. Says Duarte, “Making a mobile application is one technique to consider. Shoppers burn through 85% of their cell phone time on mobile apps, so developing your very own or coordinating your business into another app can be lucrative.”

Shoppers presently expect an Amazon Prime–like experience with regards to the customer service experience. This means that shipping has to be fast and returns have to be convenient. Around 80% of consumers today want their eCommerce solutions to be able to ship the same day the order is placed and 61% want it within three hours. Next-day delivery, as well, is almost a guaranteed way to lock in new customers.

Numerous eCommerce software solutions allow the merchant to track market sentiment from every sales channel to learn whether or not it produces a sale. By constantly monitoring this data, the merchant will be able to quickly adjust the sales solutions in order to stay on top of consumers. Explains Duarte, “Successful marketers know that analyzing sales and marketing data is fundamental to the growth of the business. In many ways, it is at its very core and needs to be taken seriously.”

In spite of the fact that eCommerce sales are growing and options such as chatbots have become a normal part of the process, consumers still want to be able to talk to live humans. While have a human support team doesn’t have to be the first line of defense, it still has to be part of the plan.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in eCommerce continues to grow by huge margins. They allow businesses to cultivate a progressively customized interaction with their customers and can also analyze huge amounts of information to quickly determine trends and patterns. Subsequently, it can give rich bits of data about conduct before, during and after the purchase, which enables organizations to deliberately tailor customized marketing for every single client.

When getting started with an eCommerce solution, it’s imperative that the right platform be chosen. Asserts Duarte, “Before getting started, look at the different platforms and ensure that you choose one that offers everything you need – look at payment processing and hosting fees, flexibility, upgradability, etc. Also make sure that it is customer-friendly and will allow for easy navigation.”

The eCommerce world continues to grow and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Virtually anything is now available for purchase online and it can be very lucrative, but making smart decisions will ensure better success.