JD Duarte


Jose Duarte on what the eCommerce world will look like in 2020

The commerce world is experiencing an extraordinary change. The vast majority of the affecting features are developing trends and technological innovation. It’s not just about innovation improvement, though – an effective retailer should likewise contemplate a new plan of action influencing business exercises, purchaser conduct and changes in consumer preferences. Jose Duarte, a Costa Rican businessman with a talent for eCommerce, explains what’s coming in online shopping in the next couple of years.

Previously, individuals used to visit retail stores when they needed various items that they could conveniently purchase in one location. There is now a paradigm shift, propelled by younger generations, as people look to reduce time, as well as energy, consumption. Says Duarte, “The consumer can now find virtually anything at the fingertips – just one click away. This trend is going to continue and, where shopping malls were once a way of life, eCommerce will take their place.”

These days, retailers must have an online storefront and it’s becoming more difficult to find a brick-and-mortar store that doesn’t have some type of virtual storefront. The online gateway is now viewed as the best way to secure clients and, as a result, higher sales. As this transition continues, what is being seen is an even greater need for mobile-based and mobile-friendly shopping sites, with more than 75% of all consumers shopping via their smartphones and tablets.

Social media continues to be an important component of an eCommerce solution and will only become more vital going forward. “Retailers have discovered that it is more effective – and often less expensive – to use social media to advertise,” explains Duarte. “It allows retailers to get in front of consumers’ eyes more than passive TV or radio ads and is having a greater impact on increasing sales than virtually all other forms of marketing.”

The consumer world should expect an increase in messaging from retailers with which they have a relationship in 2020 and beyond. Text messages allow personal messages to be delivered at extremely low costs, providing details on sales, discounts and special offers. Since the messages can be personalized, to a point, it gives the consumer the individual attention they seek.

Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and wearable devices are the latest technological advances that are being incorporated into the marketing world. Asserts Duarte, “In many ways, AR and VR are able to offer a shopping experience that is light years beyond what has been seen over the past two decades. They really allow the consumer to get “inside” the shopping experience and products for a unique experience never before possible.”

These trends, as well as more, are changing buying patterns. They have already changed the way people communicate and interact, and are now helping to change how they search for products and make purchases. Successful eCommerce retailers understand that creating a technologically-advanced online store is helping to drive better traffic at a fraction of the cost and know how to leverage these assets appropriately. Those businesses that are able to change with the times and adapt to new consumer habits are the ones that will find the most appeal and incredible revenues.