JD Duarte


Jose Duarte provides proven sales strategies to better engage clients

Defining the correct sales strategy can mean the difference between having a successful or a failing startup. From increasing your email outreach to identifying niche marketing, understanding how to follow up in the right manner can go a long way to long-lasting revenue. Leading entrepreneur and businessman Jose Duarte shares some of the most proven strategies for engaging, and keeping, clients.

A large number of entrepreneurs and salespeople implement a sales strategy that misses a key ingredient – what problem is solved by the product or service. When you lead the pitch by going straight to the packages or prices that the client can take advantage of, you lose a valuable connection with him or her. You show that you’re not trying to understand them or their needs, making it impossible to provide a solution to their problem.

Your business system needs to lead with an unmistakable explanation of the challenge you’re able to solve. Duarte explains, “Do your best to look into their requirements in advance and begin your effort discussion by clarifying how this might benefit your prospect.”

Individuals purchase results, not simply goods or services. When you’ve caught your prospect’s attention with what they’ll have the capacity to accomplish by incorporating your solution, it’s now time to clearly explain how this will happen and what they’ll receive. The end result equals value.

You can significantly build the viability of your outreach by focusing on explicit specialty markets of individuals that are frustrated with aspects you can uniquely address. Instead of contacting organizations of every size, center around a specific, narrowly-focused group of customers.

Amid your business discussions, you’re normally going to run over new difficulties and one of a kind requests from your prospects. This bodes well, since each organization you work with is organized somewhat better, has an unmistakable arrangement of inward procedures and goals. “You have to remain flexible,” asserts Duarte. “Always try to spin the solution positively and avoid any connotation that you aren’t able to answer their specific needs. The sales strategy has to be flexible enough to be able to adapt itself on the go.”

In case you’re managing an expansive volume of leads, fusing lead scoring – a point system to rank prospects – into your business methodology is an absolute necessity. After completely qualifying your business prospects, lead scoring will enable you to organize your prospects dependent on the most grounded plausibility for bringing the deal to a close rapidly—before starting your effort endeavors.

If you’re giving a presentation or a demonstration and feel that there may be some uncertainty or confusion, don’t let it go – find out and address the issues. However, asking directly if there is any uncertainty can backfire – the audience may not respond out of fear of appearing incompetent. Offer to rephrase the information, ask if you can go into further detail or offer examples to put their minds at ease. Remember – the goal is not to make the sale; it’s to have the customer decide to make the purchase.

When you’re certain that you’ve associated with the correct contact person, you need a successful attempt to sell something; one that catches the consideration of your prospect and keeps the discussion moving the correct way. If you spend too much time or energy discussing your organization, the advantages of your solution the customers you’ve worked with or why your prospect should join today, you run the risk of losing the sale, and the customer, before it truly gets going.

Don’t give a speech or a pitch – tell a story. This will not only captivate the audience or decision maker, but it will also provide a real-world example of your product’s or service’s value. Says Duarte, “Storytelling is an optimum sales strategy. We have a much higher ability to absorb information when it’s relayed through a story because it keeps us engaged. This will most certainly lead to higher sales.”

Whether running a new startup on your own or trying to increase the effectiveness of an existing company, these strategies, when implemented properly, will go a long way to helping the business succeed.