JD Duarte


Jose Duarte to attend CommerceNext Conference in July

In order to keep a business growing, it’s important to acquire new customers. Over time, a customer base can become stagnant as user purchasing habits change. The acquisition of new customers isn’t always an easy one, as many consumers fall into shopping patterns that tend to take them back to the same retailers every time they want to make a purchase. Jose Duarte, a successful entrepreneur and business leader out of Costa Rica, has built his success on understanding customer needs and now, to ensure that he stays on top of the consumer space, will attend the CommerceNext Conference to be held in New York City on July 25 and 26.

CommerceNext is billed as the summit for next level customer acquisition. This year’s inaugural conference will focus on next level customer acquisition and is designed to inspire those in the eCommerce and retail spaces to share their experiences and insight into customer acquisition strategies. After attending the conference, participants will be in a better, stronger position to understand how to not only acquire new customers, but to engage and optimize them through digital channels. Says Duarte, “I’m excited about my participation in this inaugural conference. Staying on top of the evolving eCommerce space is challenging at times, and this is destined to be a prime location to gain valuable insight to keep my businesses pushing forward.”

The conference draws top-level retail and eCommerce leaders to share and evolve their acquisition strategies. The eCommerce industry is under increasing pressure that results from higher marketing costs, customer churn and consumer shopping behaviors. In a highly competitive market, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that all the tools available are used to further a company’s success.

The CommerceNext conference will help those in the industry to navigate the turbulent waters of the eCommerce industry. It will provide the best practices, peer-to-peer interaction and information sharing by some of digital marketing’s experts. Some of the workshops to be provided will cover hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence & Predictive Marketing, Content Marketing, Shifting Consumer Behaviors and Optimizing Conversion with new technologies.

This inaugural event will see participation by some of the retail industry’s prominent leaders. Executive Vice President and President of Global Retail for Levi Straus, Carrie Ask, VP of Global eCommerce for Under Armour, Sid Jatia, and Tricia Nichols, VP of Global Consumer Marketing for Estee Lauder are just a few of the more than 20 speakers that will be present. The conference is sponsored by Merkle, Selligent and Optimove, among others.

Duarte started his first business over 20 years ago in Heredia, Costa Rica. That operation, DecoCar, is still going strong today and was a springboard for the business-savvy entrepreneur to launch a series of companies that are thriving in today’s difficult market. He found eCommerce to be especially interesting when it was first starting to be explored and is now an expert in the industry. “When many companies were hesitantly testing the waters to break into eCommerce,” explains Duarte, “I was ready to jump into the deep end. I saw the value of the industry to the consumer and never looked back. Today, I have ten different companies operating in the eCommerce space.”

Duarte always keeps an open mind to find the next business to add to his portfolio. He stays busy with his business activities, but has the support of a loving wife and two children that help him along the way. He is now involved in a computer software startup to be based in Costa Rica, and will be moving into beta testing within the next five to eight months. In addition to his other operations, Jose is also a partner and the Commercial Director of DLB Group Worldwide, an internationally-recognized marketing company with offices in Venezuela, Mexico and Costa Rica. Duarte was personally recruited by the company’s founder, Larry Hernandez, to head operations in Costa Rica. With Duarte’s business prowess and knowledge of contract negotiations, DLB has been responsible for negotiating million-dollar deals with companies such as DHL, Subway, Audi and DirectTV.