JD Duarte


Scrum Master Jose Duarte explains the advantages of becoming Scrum-certified

The Agile methodology for process management and project building is a proven system for facilitating business operations. It makes processes more efficient and complete, leading to reduced expenses and faster rollout of new products and services. Having the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) credential can set individuals apart from the crowd, showing that you’re a leader who can deliver expertise far beyond what other project managers could contribute. Scrum Master Jose Duarte describes the advantages of becoming certified and what is involved in receiving the certification.

A Scrum Master Certification (SMC) signals that a person has the ability and talents that companies are looking for in Scrum Masters. Duarte explains, “There is more demand than ever for Scrum Masters because each team needs a dedicated person who can manage and perform various Agile projects.”

Having the certification shows that you meet the Agile requirements. Whether just being certified as a Scrum Master, or you are already a professional who has experience in Scrum, the certification builds on your previous knowledge and helps you overcome challenges. Especially when it comes to managing large teams across multiple departments, it’s advantageous to have everyone using the same framework.

The certification shows that you know how to improve team coordination and collaboration. Says Duarte, “As a CSM, you are able to motivate and lead the team. You can guide them and help all team members work together more cohesively. Having the credential emphasizes to your employees that you have the skills, knowledge and experience to lead the agile team.” In addition, it also shows potential employers that you have an advantage over other possible candidates.

Becoming a CSM can undoubtedly open new doors and career opportunities. The certification can make you more relevant and a stronger competitor in your field, which, in turn, means you are more valuable and more deserving of a high salary compared to those who aren’t certified. It also gives you the tools and skills that can provide greater contributions to help a business fulfill its goals. It also shows potential employers that you possess an Agile mindset, which is highly sought by organizations.

The Scrum Alliance is a recognized and reputable entity that provides Scrum Master Certification to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in Scrum technology, and CSM training that is authorized by the Scrum Alliance can only be provided by a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). These individuals are Scrum professionals who have extensive experience in Scrum and are only able to be certified trainers after having passed a rigorous evaluation process.

Certified Scrum Master Certification is a globally-recognized certification presented by the Scrum Alliance. It is only offered to those individuals who can prove their skills and knowledge in Scrum practices, principles and terminology through the mandatory CSM exam.

Candidates for the CSM exam must complete training by CST trainers prior to the test and will be required to pass an online exam once the training is complete in order to receive the certification. Adds Duarte, “CSM certification, just like Agile and Scrum certification, gives professionals the ability to enhance their proficiency in Scrum, as well as Agile, practices, and allows them to be considered to be a part of the Scrum Alliance for two years.”