JD Duarte

Jose Duarte on considerations for upgrading an eCommerce website

The world of eCommerce is highly unpredictable. Changes are being made each day and new features are being presented at a staggering rate, helping the Internet to remain applicable and motivating. In the event that an eCommerce site neglects to keep up with the changes, it will ultimately fail. However, simply making changes isn’t enough […]

Jose Duarte on how to increase sales in an eCommerce store

B2C web-based business is exploding. The normal consumer currently spends over $2,300 every year on Internet-based purchases and this number is going to continue to climb. Businesses that neglect to adjust to the quickly developing eCommerce retail scene could quickly find themselves obsolete. To attract customers – and retain those that are already using the […]

Jose Duarte on using social media to market an eCommerce site

On the off chance that you run your own eCommerce webpage, there’s a possibility you’ve needed to stand up to the issue of how to utilize web-based life to change over your site’s prospects into genuine, spending customers! All things considered, you’re not the only one -there are a great many clients who are tweeting, […]

Jose Duarte provides insight on how to market to millennials

Just the word “Millennials” is sufficient to create confusion or fear in the minds of even the most experienced marketers. Regardless of whether millennials are cutting down fast-casual chain restaurants, reclassifying the very presence of shopping centers, or spending an exorbitant amount of cash on avocado toast, they seem to frustrate entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. However, […]

Jose Duarte on how to grow a small business rapidly

The amount of businesses that fail within five years statistically sits at around half. In order to keep a business energized and moving forward, the best way is to create a growth strategy. Jose Duarte, a longtime businessman and entrepreneur from Costa Rica, explains how to do this and how to help make the business […]

Jose Duarte provides accounting tips for eCommerce businesses

Handling a business’s finances is a stressful task, especially when it comes time to reconcile the books for tax purposes. Fortunately, only a couple of essential practices can make an eCommerce solution’s bookkeeping and tax filing much simpler. Jose Duarte, a long-time businessman and entrepreneur from Costa Rica, offers tips on where to begin and […]

Jose Duarte discusses how artificial intelligence is shaping eCommerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help manage jobs for a company that are otherwise monotonous or mundane. It has become a bold component of a great number of businesses in virtually every industry and the technology, although artificial, has advanced to the point that it now even offers a personal touch, especially in eCommerce. Jose Duarte, […]

Jose Duarte on the latest Scrum Master trends

2018 was a major year for the Scrum Master with many predicting that the role will be one of the most promising of 2019. Gradually, the Scrum Master has moved out of the “geek world” to standard recognition and acceptance. An ever-increasing number of businesses welcome the significance of agility, to have the option to […]

Jose Duarte on what the eCommerce world will look like in 2020

The commerce world is experiencing an extraordinary change. The vast majority of the affecting features are developing trends and technological innovation. It’s not just about innovation improvement, though – an effective retailer should likewise contemplate a new plan of action influencing business exercises, purchaser conduct and changes in consumer preferences. Jose Duarte, a Costa Rican […]

Jose Duarte on what it means to be an entrepreneur

In its simplest definition, an entrepreneur is someone who identifies a void and creates a business to fill it. However, the definition itself doesn’t detail the underlying characteristics that make someone a successful entrepreneur. To launch a business and turn it into a success, there are a number of traits that can be extremely beneficial. […]