JD Duarte

Jose Duarte provides accounting tips for eCommerce businesses

Handling a business’s finances is a stressful task, especially when it comes time to reconcile the books for tax purposes. Fortunately, only a couple of essential practices can make an eCommerce solution’s bookkeeping and tax filing much simpler. Jose Duarte, a long-time businessman and entrepreneur from Costa Rica, offers tips on where to begin and […]

Jose Duarte discusses how artificial intelligence is shaping eCommerce

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help manage jobs for a company that are otherwise monotonous or mundane. It has become a bold component of a great number of businesses in virtually every industry and the technology, although artificial, has advanced to the point that it now even offers a personal touch, especially in eCommerce. Jose Duarte, […]

Jose Duarte on five new eCommerce trends for 2019

If your business isn’t already part of the eCommerce revolution, it’s missing out on the opportunity to be part of an industry that is going to be worth over $4.8 trillion by 2021. By implementing some of the emerging trends in Ecommerce, as outlined by Costa Rica businessman and entrepreneur Jose Duarte, you could become […]

Jose Duarte provides ten tips to launch the perfect eCommerce business

Having an eCommerce business sounds worthwhile on a number of different levels. In addition to the fact that you get to manage your own business, you are able to interact with a large circle of people that can be both entertaining and beneficial. However, understanding how to make the business successful takes a lot of […]

Jose Duarte on the top five trends in eCommerce

Every year, there are new trends in the world of eCommerce that shape how the industry is developing. These trends provide vital details on market activity that can help business owners and entrepreneurs stay on top of the retail evolution to ensure that they always make the best decisions for their companies’ futures. No one […]

Jose Duarte discusses how eCommerce will change in the next five years

For virtually the past hundred years, there have been only two business models. Either create a product and the accompanying brand or act as a retailer, selling products from different brands within a specific realm. As a brand or product, it was necessary to look out how to distribute the product, most often creating a […]

Jose Duarte offers the 5 reasons to invest in chatbots for business

As a great many chatbots were launched in 2017, tech industry intellectuals took to the web to name 2017 the year of the chatbot. It was the year bot innovation received substantial attention stemming from the rise of virtual assistants in the eCommerce space. But this was only the beginning – the first phase of […]

Jose Duarte discusses strategies for retail success

The best retailers know who the target consumer is and why the consumer targets the retailer. In the event an individual doesn’t enjoy building his or her own furniture or can purchase a dresser already assembled, for example, IKEA wouldn’t be interested in targeting that consumer. This is the main technique in making a business […]

Jose Duarte to attend CommerceNext Conference in July

In order to keep a business growing, it’s important to acquire new customers. Over time, a customer base can become stagnant as user purchasing habits change. The acquisition of new customers isn’t always an easy one, as many consumers fall into shopping patterns that tend to take them back to the same retailers every time […]