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Meet JD Duarte: Innovator, Leader, Visionary
For two decades, Jose Daniel Duarte has been at the forefront of launching innovative ventures and steering company expansions from Latin America to Europe and Asia. As the driving force behind Betcris, he provides a licensed, regulated sports betting website and mobile app, ensuring a secure, safe, and legal entertainment experience for users across Latin America. His expertise in Business Agility, FinTech, and E-commerce, combined with his leadership at Betcris, showcases his relentless ambition and keen understanding of market dynamics. Discover more about JD’s areas of expertise below.
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” — Steve Jobs

The Areas of My Expertise

Entrepreneurship: Transforming Vision into Achievement

JD’s journey in entrepreneurship exemplifies his knack for looking beyond the present to innovate and thrive. With numerous successful projects under his belt, he stands as a beacon of innovation and perseverance. Discover JD’s approach to overcoming the challenges of initiating and expanding businesses in today’s competitive environment.

E-commerce: Elevating the Digital Shopping Experience

At the cutting edge of e-commerce, JD Duarte has pioneered the adoption of advanced technologies and strategies to redefine online shopping.

Fintech: Innovating Financial Services

JD’s profound impact on fintech spans from enhancing mobile payment systems to integrating blockchain advancements.

Artificial Intelligence: Infusing Intelligence into Solutions

For JD Duarte, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a pivotal force to automate operations, improve strategic decision-making, and offer tailored experiences.

Business Agility: Navigating Change with Precision

JD’s mastery in Business Agility reflects his skill in leading organizations to swiftly adapt and thrive amidst change.

CEO Leadership: Steering with Vision and Integrity

As the CEO of Betcris, JD Duarte exemplifies leadership marked by vision, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to customer excellence, wagering safety, security and transparency.

My Professional Experience and Lifeskills

My first attempt at making it as an entrepreneur came about after seeing a void in auto reparation in Heredia, Costa Rica.

 I launched DecoCar, specializing in the sale and installation of windshields, door and window seals and decorative touches for vehicles. Over the years, in response to market analysis and trends, we have expanded operations to also cover car stereo installations, alarms and custom vehicle accessories and additions. 20 years later, DecoCar continues to flourish and provide state of the art responses to the needs of our customers.

When approached by Larry Hernandez, CEO of DLB Group Worldwide, a while back to be the Commercial Director and a partner of the DLB Group in Costa Rica, I enthusiastically accepted knowing that it would be an incredible opportunity to use the marketing skills and knowledge I have gained over my career. Our operations span three countries, Mexico, Venezuela and now Costa Rica, and we live by the mantra of Drive strategically, Live creatively and Believe in alliances. The CEO of DLB Costa Rica, Gustavo Sanchez, and I bring a wealth of knowledge to the company and work tirelessly to deliver results to a long list of satisfied customers. Our hard work and creative brainstorming continue to bring high dividends to the company, and I’ve been fundamental in securing agreements in Costa Rica with clients such as Bridgestone, Fox, Epson and DHL – just to name a few. Each day, usually while enjoying an early morning cup of coffee and catching up on world events, I dedicate time for scouting new clients to add to our portfolio.

I was approached with a tantalizing idea for a software development company and found the concept to be very intriguing. As you probably can imagine, I can’t discuss the details of the project yet, but stay tuned to this space for exciting updates and all the details!

Hobbies and Personal Interests

In addition to my normal daily activities, I also have a strong interest in other fields, such as eCommerce and the tech industry.

Aside from JD Duarte’s professional endeavors, his passions extend into eCommerce and technological advancements, where he dedicates time to mentoring small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses. JD Duarte guides them through the evolving consumer landscape, emphasizing the transition from traditional retail to digital platforms. His aim is to enhance their online visibility and convert curiosity into actual sales.

JD Duarte’s fascination with technology leads him to explore innovations daily, from 360-degree cameras to breakthroughs in medical science. JD Duarte is particularly fond of drones; after purchasing one early on, he has mastered its use, capturing unique moments for friends and family during special occasions.

JD Duarte’s interest in user experience has driven him to deepen his understanding of design and visual presentation. He has become proficient in tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Gravit Designer, enjoying the blend of functionality and creativity they offer.

Despite a bustling schedule, JD Duarte’s activities are driven by passion, blurring the lines between work and leisure. He continuously seeks to update this space with his latest adventures and invites engaging discussions with his audience. His journey underscores the importance of pursuing one’s interests and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

Connect with JD Duarte

For speaking engagements, collaborations, or to simply share your thoughts, reach out to JD Duarte at info@josedanielduartecamacho.com.