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Jose Daniel Duarte Camacho was on hand at The Innovation Festival, organized by FastCompany

Jose Daniel Duarte Camacho was on hand at The Innovation Festival, organized by FastCompany, to meet and share with leading creative thinkers from around the globe.

The recently-completed Innovation Festival, organized by FastCompany, saw important figures from all types of business backgrounds merge to share their expertise, spark creativity and offer a one-of-a-kind experience to the attendees. The five-day event ran from October 23 – 27 and was hosted at numerous locations throughout New York City. It provided the opportunity for the more than 10,000 attendees to visit the most dynamic companies throughout the city.

There were 236 speakers at this year’s event, coming from a wide range of backgrounds to offer their insight and projections on the changing global business market. Among these were James Anderson, Head of Government Innovation programs at Bloomberg Philanthropies, actress and founder of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba, and Jim Hackett, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company.

The annual event caters to entrepreneurs, senior management and business professionals that are leaving their mark on the international business community. Jose Daniel Duarte Comacho, a well-known entrepreneur and business developer based in Costa Rica, was on hand to impart his knowledge and build global relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.

Jose, with over 20 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, has successfully launched several businesses in Costa Rica and is always exploring the horizon for what’s coming next. He launched DecoCar 20 years ago, specializing in the sale and installation of windshields, door and window seals as well as decorative touches for vehicles. This led to future undertakings that he consistently has grasped firmly to develop into successful businesses. “This is such an exciting opportunity to be able to meet with others that share my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship,” Jose explains. “It’s not often that so many high-level decision makers are brought together in a single venue to share their thoughts and values.”

The Innovation Festival draws together a community of innovators and brings to life the future of business and culture.

Throughout the event, attendees find a combination of playfulness and sophistication, captivating keynotes and workshops designed to enhance entrepreneurial creativity.

Attendees were invited to attend their selection of more than 100 “Fast Tracks,” a spin on the field trip experience from school days, which included trips to various New York-based businesses. Microsoft offered a Fast Track on “The Art and Science of Modern Marketing at Microsoft.” Perkins+Will, a globally-recognized architectural firm founded in 1935, presented “Designing for Everyone: A Problem-Solving Workshop With Perkins+Will.” Additionally, Fast Tracks at Facebook, Pinterest, A&E Networks and many more were available.

Says Jose, “Events like these are an integral component to the future growth and incorporation of businesses into the global economy. They not only bring us together; they serve to help us think outside the box and to open doors on what might be the next ‘Aha!’ moment.” Social interaction is a fundamental building block in entrepreneurial evolution and having a diverse collection of business minds in one location is an incredible method to ensure creative thinking.