JD Duarte


Jose Duarte discusses how entrepreneurs can improve business functionality

If you have a business and want to achieve the best possible results, there is a series of specially designed tips for you to make some changes that will help. Operating a successful business requires more than just maintaining the status quo; it requires constant evaluation of the processes and operations in order to meet a changing environment. Jose Duarte, a successful entrepreneur and eCommerce expert from Costa Rica, provides insight into how entrepreneurs can actively address business operations to ensure better functionality at every turn.

First of all is the need for greater security, something essential in any company that seeks to maintain a successful reputation. There is also a need to increase the functionality of the business itself, thus achieving more performance, optimize tasks and, of course, also be able to increase the client portfolio. This means reviewing all aspects of the business to ensure that they are responsive to the environment, while also exploring new ways to reach new customers.

Productivity and efficiency are achieved by working smarter, not harder. According to a Gallup study, employee engagement in the US has grown to 34%, which is good news, as employee engagement is one of the crucial factors when it comes to productivity. In addition to commitment, another important factor is employee well-being and health. They can only do their best if they feel their best.

Another study shows that 89% of Human Resources managers agree that continuous feedback from colleagues and controls is crucial to success. In other words, providing your employees with relevant and timely feedback, as well as recognizing all their hard work, is paramount to their job satisfaction, their sense of purpose and meaning, and as a result, also their productivity.

Explains Duarte, “Every entrepreneur is looking at all times for alternatives through which to find systems that allow him or her to increase the income of his business. However, many of them pose a considerable risk since they depend on external factors, and our decisions will not always be well focused. Likewise, we can even find situations in which platforms act unethically with which everything invested can even lose it.”

Business opportunities are always dormant and each company’s ability to take advantage of them is reflected in its year-over-year growth. One factor in channeling more businesses is controlling day-to-day operations and being more profitable from your own resources; for this, the main driver is technology. When looking for new clients and “hooking them,” it is common that as an entrepreneur you are not prepared to deal with projects beyond your reach. This due to different causes, such as lack of control of inventories, lack of know-how of cash flows, taxes, etc.

Productivity is one of the main challenges and aspirations of companies. Entrepreneurs want to get more results in the shortest possible time and using fewer resources. “Improving a company’s productivity doesn’t always mean a major economic investment. To do this, you need to analyze and measure what is actually done in the company and what employees need,” asserts Duarte.

Both in the way of working and in the material. It is important not to let computers and programs become obsolete, harming employee productivity and patience. In addition, companies could improve the company’s productivity with cloud services, which allows users to work from anywhere over the Internet, either from home with their computer or anywhere else with a smartphone. Thus, the cloud favors remote work and work flexibility, as corporate applications or documents would be in the cloud and would also allow multiple people to be working on the same file at once.

While it’s natural for workers to be assigned to the sectors and tasks that best suit their skills, that setup can become quite monotonous after a while, which can lead to employee disconnection. The solution to this would be to assign your employees tasks that are outside their usual comfort zone and temporarily place them in a different section of the company. Not only will they learn something new, but they’ll also get a more complete view of the business and realize how each section impacts the company.