JD Duarte


Jose Duarte explains how eCommerce businesses can best manage cash flows

Understanding and following income are essential for every business. It is important to understand how your cash flow compares to what you are spending. If you are spending more than you are procuring, it is time to make adjustments and stop leaving the business. Jose Duarte, a successful businessman and entrepreneur from Costa Rica, shares proven methods for making the most of your business’s cash flow.

The cash that comes in and goes out of the register can be succinctly described as income. Monitoring income involves understanding the current and future costs, and comparing them with records receivable and anticipating future deals. To understand where your business stands financially and where it will go in the future, it is important to follow the development of assets throughout your association.

Duarte explains that money is what enables companies to be powerful – to acquire the best staff and buy influence to purchase the products and businesses we need to develop to take advantage of new opportunities. Planning is about deciding when and how much cash you will need. As a way to increase income, associations may look at income from the previous year as a basis for income for the following year. You can then adjust for unanticipated changes such as new estimating, additional staff, or financing sources.

You should update your income projections as the year progresses. This will ensure that they accurately reflect changes in costs and benefits. Comparing planned money streams to real stores and uses will allow you to predict income later.

Another way is to add the money that you have now to the money you plan to get and the date you plan to get it. Once you have this number, add the amount that you plan to spend on that cash. Even the most reliable associations will find that their estimates can change over time. It is important to monitor your income.

It can be difficult for small businesses to manage cash flow. Duarte explains, “Companies have many options in the event of a cashflow deficit. These include bank loans, bank lines of credit, expediting the collection process, liquidating assets or delaying payments until deposits begin to come in. There are many options: bank loans, bank line of credit, expediting collection, leasing or loans to buy business equipment, liquidating assets, delaying payments to vendors, and using bank loans.”

You have many options for programming and apparatus that will make your job easier. If you don’t want to put aside the effort to understand the product, it might be worth working with a professional bookkeeper. There are many guides that will help you choose the right bookkeeping software for your company.

Businesses don’t have to be in negative cash flow all the time. Sometimes there will be a surplus. The surplus could impact future business opportunities. Make it work. According to Duarte, accountants recommend that you make the cash work harder for you.

This can be done by making instantaneous investments and using the cash to meet obligations faster. The cash can be used in a variety of ways, including producing premiums or shorter advance terms.