JD Duarte


Jose Duarte provides expert tips for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses

Over the years, different organizations have characterized business improvement in a variety of ways. The main principles that lead to long-term value are generally the same. While most business executives understand the importance of developing the company, it can be difficult to achieve that goal. Jose Duarte, a lifelong entrepreneur and business expert from Costa Rica, shares his best tips for business improvement after having managed to organize papers for multinational companies.

The production of business relationships and individual systems is one of the most important procedures that must be followed before starting a business. Clarifies Duarte, “Time and again, entrepreneurs are left out of what can be considered normal business systems.” They must start early to create systems and then continue to knead them to maintain the channels.

Look for opportunities to organize within the business circle. Also, be proactive in looking for ways to meet people outside your association. Don’t hesitate to present yourself at industry events. People enjoy working with people they like. If the right people are attracted to you, your business and calling can be unimaginable. Although you may not be able to impress everyone, it is possible to learn more about them.

The business can also be built by trusting one’s instincts and listening to your inner voice. You must trust your gut instincts and take huge chances if you believe they are correct, even in the face of enormous difficulties. Duarte added, “There will be a time – and possibly more than one – when a thought just hits me, completely random to whatever you are actively working on.” You need to know how to differentiate these actions. If you don’t have the time to follow up, take the time to think about it and do so as quickly as possible. You won’t be able to do it if you don’t.

Recent years have seen many significant events, such as the bankruptcy of large financial institutions. This should be a warning to entrepreneurs that you can’t expect things to continue the same way. People who have achieved the greatest success in business have the ability to see beyond the current state of affairs, and are always open to challenging dormant reasoning and suspicions.

The expansion of the workforce does not necessarily mean that the business will become more profitable or will experience positive developments. Duarte says that while the overall population of an association is undoubtedly the most valuable resource, adding more people does not necessarily increase efficiency. It is much more effective to have the right people with the right aptitudes in the right positions. Also, ensure that the people understand the objectives of the organization and can offer their way of thinking.

Organize tasks as soon as possible during the business’s lifecycle. Time is precious and can’t be replaced. To make products and services more easily understood and easier to manage, it is important to simplify them. Although many people believe there are not enough hours in the day to do everything, those who manage their time and organize their schedules are more likely to succeed.

We can achieve our most fundamental goals by focusing our attention on them and putting our efforts into those endeavors that will help us reach our objectives. Consider the cost of a call, conference or meeting, and compare it with other duties that you can do to make your work more efficient.