JD Duarte


Jose Duarte provides financial tips that can help any SME find more success

No matter how small or large your business is, financial management is essential. Contrary to popular belief, financial management goes beyond accounting and checking the bank account. There are many reasons business entrepreneurs should think about how they will manage their money. These include planning for survival and rising to new heights of success. A business that can consistently move up the ladder of success can be distinguished from one that fails to meet its financial goals. Jose Duarte, a successful entrepreneur from Costa Rica, shares several tips to help businesses succeed.

Make an annual budget. This will allow the company to effectively manage its finances throughout the year. This budget will guide the business to make good business decisions before they turn into an emergency. It will also be used to plan for future expansion.

Duarte states, “You should set aside the time and effort to rethink both your wages and expenditures in order to improve spending habits.” This will make your money work harder and smarter.

Nobody likes to have to sort through piles of papers and balance sheets. Cloud-based business tools make it easy for businesses to go paperless. All data can be stored digitally and can automatically be backed up.

You can also find a variety of online accounting and invoicing tools that will assist in streamlining your business. These tools can provide accurate and efficient records, which can be very helpful when it comes time to file taxes returns.

It can sometimes be a difficult task to pay your bills. It is almost impossible to remember all due dates and manually paying bills can be very inefficient. “Automate all bill payments,” suggest Duarte.
Duarte suggests that online banking be used as often as possible for automating payments and ensuring accounts are adequately funded, regardless of whether it’s a utility bill or credit card. This will prevent late payments and help you save time and energy.

Any business can benefit from the help of investors. Investors can raise more money than can be obtained through loans. They can also help businesses scale up or weather tough times. The success of a business depends on the selection of the right investors. Look at the ventures they have been involved in to find out how interested they are in starting a new business.

Businesses today must prioritize cybersecurity. It is essential that your company and clients have access to the latest anti-virus software. Duarte recommends that you study market trends, forecast the financial position of your business and create a business plan. He adds, “This will give you a clearer picture of where the company is going and will also enable you to make changes to improve your strategy to drive growth.”

Avoid carrying over debts from one year to another. Make sure to create a detailed plan to repay your debts before you take out loans. Also, make sure that any outstanding business payments get paid off as soon as possible.

It is essential to have a plan for creating backup savings. This plan can be a powerful tool in times of difficulty, as all businesses experience at some point. When preparing a budget for next year, it is important to consider whether there are enough savings to cover potential losses.

Rely on professionals for advice. Although financial oversight is essential for any business, it is not everyone’s forte. Duarte says, “Don’t hesitate to call in an expert.” A specialist is a good option if you are not proficient in bookkeeping and managing finances. This will allow you to not only ensure that your business’ money is managed properly but also give you time to run the business.